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Destination : France
66.00 € + port 9.00 € : 75.00 euros

Destination : Europe + Suisse
66.00 € + shipping 14 € : 80.00 euros
Destination : Out of Europa
66.00 € + shipping 20.00 € : 86.00 euros

Created by Colbert in 1666, the city of Rochefort is unusually located since its harbor-arsenal, built on the Charente river, is about twelve miles away from the sea following the river. Although this exceptional distance from the sea protected the harbor from enemy fleets for centuries it caused problems, however, that were unsuspected at the time of its creation. Unfortunately, the insufficient water depth of the Charente river in the 17th and 18th centuries made it impossible for large vessels to go down and up the river without first unloading their equipment, arms and ammunition.  The Navy thus created a flotilla to assist and equip the vessels that remained anchored in Aix’s roadstead while waiting to be fitted out or laid up.

This flotilla consisted of several kinds of small vessels: lighters, yachts, transport-ships or brigs from the harbor.  We chose to illustrate these ships with yachts, inherited from the Dutch workers who came to drain the swamps of the Charente during the 17th century.

This small elegant craft is of a simple construction with elementary rigging, since only one mast and three sails equip its hull.  The book includes a booklet and a set of 16 plates of drawings. In the booklet, a chapter describes the creation of Rochefort and the reasons that led to the constitution of the flotilla. A presentation of the lighters and yachts, and more specifically the Le Rochefort yacht, complete this article. The construction and laying out of the Le Rochefort are detailed in instructions abundantly illustrated with 3D figures, followed by a commentary on the plates including a precise description of the rigging.

Book in French delivered with an English translation (PDF file to print)

Booklet 24 x31 cm and 16 plates of drawing collect in a folder  
illustrate with an aquarelle by Jean Bellis.

Book 96 pages (paper 150 g) :

The Rochefort dockyard and her featuring
Yachts and lighters of the harbour
Le Rochefort yacht and its construction

Comments of the plates
Scantlings, painting and iron work


This work includes 16 plates in 1/36 scale :

1 – Schematic plan of the hull, lines and sections
2 – Parts of axial framework
3 – Frames  (1)
4 – Frames (2) and hull framing
5 –
Beakhead and stem
6 – Longitudinal section of timber
7 – Hold building

8 – Deck building

9 – Building forecastle and quaterdeck
10 – Longitudinal section and masting
11 – Cross sections
12 – Top view of the hull
13 – Longitudinal layout, views of the bow and stern
14 – Equipment and fitting
15 – Sails, belaying points and blocks
16 – The ship under sails

Model's dimensions in 1/36ฐ (L x W x H) : Hull only 0,54 m x 0,15 m x 0,16 m, Hull and masting 0,78 m x 0,15 m x 0,58 m.  




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